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Events ...Picture This!

Large Group Photos & Videos

A large group photo or video loses something when taken at ground level. The larger the group, the less you see of everyone except the front row or two. But add a little altitude to the camera and everyone in the group is part of the scene.

What kinds of groups take advantage of this inexpensive solution? How about:

  • Corporate Meetings/Parties
  • Group/School Photos
  • Weddings


Picture this: You’ve figured out a way to lure the love of your life to your favorite romantic place. Maybe it’s the beach where you first met. Or the mountain peak where you knew this Make your marriage engagement extra special. Go to your special location. A beach. A mountain peak. The roof.

Everything is perfect! Now how to get a video of the event or some photos? You’ll be too busy to take a picture. Anyone else on the scene with you just won’t cut it.

Invite a well-timed drone to your event and capture the moment from beginning to end.

Water Activities

Parasailing, surfing, deep sea fishing, sailing, jet skiing. All wonderful activities. All have meaningful offshore aspects. If you want to photograph the action or take video memories, you might get some angles if you’re on the activity boat or a nearby boat. It probably won’t be steady, and it won’t be up close and it’ll be limited in following the action.

Consider what a drone can do from 50-200 feet off the water. You can get a steady result. You can follow the action. You can get multiple angles. Capture the memories even when you’re off shore!