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Real Estate ...Bird's-Eye Views

Marketing Videos & Stills

Selling your house? Leasing a building? Want your listings to stand out? To show more? To make your one of a million listings to become one-in-a-million?

Use aerial stills and video to show off your property. Emphasize features that are often overlooked in standard ground shots. And make dramatic statements showing your gem from up high including surrounding features such as lakes, parks, rivers, trails, you get the picture!

F(n)Gravity will take photos and videos in 4K raw format for you to incorporate into your own materials, or we can create finished marketing products including video to highlight your prized possession. (See our Equipment capabilities here.)

Danny has over 53 years of photography experience and over 25 years of commercial videography experience. This experience is as vital for a successful drone mission as is his over 28 years of piloting experience. Over 48,000 stills and over 65,000 minutes of video have been provided to clients.

Yrs Photography Experience
Yrs Videography Experience

Marketing Video by F(n)Gravity. House is "SOLD" (sorry!).
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Air Stills
Minutes Video

You COULD just have a still picture to sell your property. OR you could take someone's breath away!
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Topology Mapping

Need information on elevation changes on your property? How about seeing which areas of your crops are flourishing and which areas need help? A drone can accomplish in a matter of hours (or minutes) what it would take a surveyor days and thousands of dollars. And the drone can provide accuracy down to the centimeter!


High Resolution Mapping

Google Maps is a great start when you want to see the details of your property. That is, if a low resolution map from 6 months to 3 years ago is sufficient. If you need more detail that’s immediate, ask F(n)Gravity to create the map for you.

Each pixel on a high resolution map can represent less than 1 inch! And the size of the resulting map is essentially unlimited (subject to time and any airspace restrictions.

Typically, we create a map with “local” accuracy. Each point on the map is accurate with respect to each other point on the map at an accuracy that’s less than 1 cm.

But we can take it one step further. With the help of surveyor equipment (you provide or we provide), we can obtain “global” accuracy withe each point on the map being accurate with respect to earth at less than 1 cm of error. NOTE: we are not licensed or trained land surveyors!

You’ll see in one of the examples there is a picture of a number of parking lots. This picture was used by a property owner to determine parking lot usage at a specific time. This shot cannot be obtained from a single shot from a drone. Instead it is a stitched picture showing the entire area in question. Counting cars was very easy as compared to trying to count cars by foot!


Here is an example comparing Google Maps at its highest resolution with a drone high resolution map produced by F(n)Gravity.

Compare accuracy of drone high resolution mapping with Google Maps

3D Models

Consider using a 3D model of your building, your home, a stadium, etc. to engage your viewers!

It used to take days (or weeks and months) to create a 3D model. With a drone, we can create a model in a few hours (and some overnight processing). Show off your property and keep your clients engaged!

Sample 3D Models

Keep in mind that these models have optimized for the desktop, not the web. So be patient when it takes awhile to load.

Construction Progress

Film the progress of construction from pre-demolition, through demolition, and construction. Obtain “before” and “after” shots for your portfolio.