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Guaranteed Results ...Whatever It Takes*

Non-Event Specific Jobs

If your job is not dependent on a specific event such as a party or a wedding, we will do whatever it takes including reshooting all of our work at our expense until you are completely satisfied with the result. If we agree that we simply cannot get you the results you reasonably expected to get, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

Event Specific Jobs

We recognize that some jobs must happen at a very specific time. For example, even if there is a problem with the drone pictures, you’re not likely to hold the corporate annual party a second time. When reshooting at another time won’t work, we’ll do whatever post-production work is needed to accomplish your goals. But if we can’t and there’s nothing we can do to make it right, you will be fully refunded all amounts paid.

*The Fine Print

Your expectations need to be reasonable. If there’s something specific you’re expecting to be included in our final work product, we stand a better chance of satisfying your needs if you tell us about it in advance.

And some things are simply beyond our control. For example, if you have an event on a cloudy day and we do the best we can with the available light, it wouldn’t be appropriate to reject our work because we don’t show a day with blue skies and puffy clouds.

If it helps, we’ve always had this guarantee in place and we’ve NEVER been asked to refund anything. We want satisfied clients and we’ll do everything we reasonably can to get there.